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Good Shepherd
Flower Demonstration by Rebecca Newell
Late Friday afternoon on 25 July at 4.30pm, over 60 parishioners and friends gathered in the Marian Hall of the Good Shepherd Church, Nottingham, to observe a flower demonstration followed by a cream tea. Rebecca Newell (Flowers by Rebecca) is part of the Good Shepherd Flower Ministry and is the Director of the Flower and Music Festival, which will be taking place at the Good Shepherd Church from 10-14 september 2014. Many of the parishioners expressed their delight at being at this event, picked up many tips and interesting facts about arranging flowers as well as enjoying Rebecca's very professional, humorous and engaging delivery of her topic, as a beautiful floral arrangement took shape before us. Part of the ticket price for the event included a cream tea, which was supplied by the parishioners. The costs of the flowers for the display was covered by a generous benefactor, for which we are very thankful. Tickets also included a chance at a raffle prize, a pink floral table arrangement which was won by a parishioner, Ann Manley. While parishioners indulged in a cream tea, Jenny Raw, from the Girls High School in Nottingham) played on the piano in the background, very talented and accomplished, adding to the wonderful atmosphere. We were extremely blessed by a great turnout, raising £215 in support of the Parish Restoration Fund. Thank you to all who supported this event. God bless.
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