of the
Good Shepherd
Legion Of Mary visit
It was with great honour the Good Shepherd Church, Nottingham welcomed 14 "Legion Of Mary" members to it's parish community for a week, beginning with a honouring dinner at our Indian Curry Night which took place at the beginning of their visit. All guests were hosted by parishioners, opening their homes in hospitality. They began their days with morning Holy Mass, settled down into groups to plan their daily outings, and them went out visiting homes in the surrounding church area sharing the Good news and distributing literature of the church encouraging people to explore their faith, to reflect and discern. Reactions were mixed, some more positive than others but good seed was sown and we await God's grace to do the rest. The group would re-group at lunch time, then once again off to more homes in the afternoon. More than 2000 home visits were made during their visit, very courageous work indeed remaining faithful to their calling. A small farewell dinner was arranged on their last evening, sharing their experiences, before they all went back to their various homes from different parts of England. God bless them all.

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