of the
Good Shepherd
5th Centenary St Teresa of Avila Exhibition
Having been asked by Canon Geoffrey to help organize and prepare for the celebratory exhibition of St Teresa Of Avila the moment had arrived for the Cathedral Hall doors to be opened to welcome the visitors in! The Grace of St Teresa of Avila still continues to flow and impact the lives of many 500 years later! This was evident by the tremendous response by many (near 2000 visitors) to the recent travelling Exhibition of this Doctor of the Church which which took place at St Barnabas Cathedral from the 9-15 October 2015.

We have many to thank for this wonderful event, firstly Barbara Smethurst the inspiration behind the Exhibition, her husband Donald for the skilful putting together of the display, (we were blessed and honoured to meet them both on the final day as they came to collect the exhibition) and also the many hidden prayers that were offered by the religious and many others, for God's many graces to be poured out on this event.

Much joy was experienced with the setting up of the Cathedral Hall, displays, beautiful flower arrangements by our very talented and creative florist, Maria Kirk, opening of the Cathedral Repository stocked with supportive literature and gifts and much more. The Exhibition was opened by a community blessing by Canon Geoffrey, and then we waited for God to get to work. And He did not disappoint.

We had very informative and fine talks by Heather Ward and her associates over 2 days with plenty of opportunity to interact and explore this wonderful spirituality of St Teresa Of Avila. Accompanied at intervals was a screening of a contemplative slide show exposing the deep richness of the teachings of this Saint, how to aptly adopt a divine prayer life to help draw us very effectively closer to God.

Catholic Evangelist, Derek Williams then led a day of talks, expanding on recollected prayer, contemplation and exploring the influence of other saints grounded in firm Catholic soil.

On the feast day of St Teresa of Avila, the final day of the Exhibition, ended on a high with visitors from Corpus Christi Cleethorpes, St Mary's and St Pius Grimsby and St Mary's Louth under the very friendly organisation of Moira Waters. All parishes need a "Moira"!

Alongside the Exhibition, the Cathedral offered the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Mass with Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament daily. There was a wonderful opportunity to venerate a relic of St Teresa Of Avila, following her feast day celebratory Holy Mass.

It must be mentioned that the success of this event was due to a very big team effort, especially by many who worked relentlessly in the kitchen meeting the needs of hungry travellers, many visitors commenting on the very warm welcome and friendliness they received during their visit.

We welcomed many visitors from near and as far as Ireland and Scotland. I would also like to thank all the parish priests who encouraged their parishioners to attend this event, a wonderful opportunity to further deepen and enrich their personal faith.

"Let us not fail Him, and let us have no fear that He will fail us" St Teresa of Avila

Holiness is in the reach for us all so revealed by this glorious Saint, with God's grace. So pray, don't delay. God bless

Cheryl Broodryk
3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288