of the
Good Shepherd
Confirmation July 2016
Sealed by the Holy Spirit
With great anticipation we at the Good Shepherd Church, Arnold, were keen to welcome Bishop Patrick McKinney to our parish for the first time since his ordination as Bishop of Nottingham. It was with great patience and joy he celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation Holy Mass involving 44 candidates with family and friends. Bishop Patrick was aided by Canon Philipp Ziomek, Deacon John and Fr Biju, as well as behind the scenes preparation by School Chaplain, Joe Hopkins who performed extremely well helping Bishop Patrick and the young altar servers on the sanctuary as needed.

However this all only came about following a Confirmation preparation program supervised by 10 catechesis: Carmel Ryan, Joe Hopkins, Andrea Kelly, Sam Jones, Caroline Rajchel, Martin Burke, Louise Bertolaso, Theresa Joseph, Danny Jackowski and John Westly. As a token of our appreciation and thanks each member received a copy of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" blessed and distributed by Bishop Patrick during the service. The Sanctuary was beautifully prepared with beautiful flower arrangements in a blaze of red colour (thank you Rebecca Newell & Carmel Ryan), large "Holy Spirit" banners drawing everyone's attention to the significance of the evening event, newly confirmed candidates were to be sealed with the Holy Spirit!. During the offertory, selected candidates placed on the steps of the Altar, a display, whereby all candidates had signed their names, 'Yes' as future witnesses to Christ. Accompanying this wonderful and beautiful service was the Good Shepherd Church choir under the very able direction Mr Robert O'Farrell as well as Andrew Haig playing the bagpipes. After the celebration the party began in the parish centre with tables generously laden down with shared food platters received from candidates parents and friends. This was supervised by Sarah Benedek and her very hard working team, who made hard work look easy! We thank everyone who made this such a delightful and pleasant evening and it gave great testament to how great parish life can be when everyone pulls together. God bless
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