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Syro Malabar Family
Syro Malabar Family Get together took place 4 June, 2016 and this very inspiring day took place at the Bluecoat Academy, Aspley Lane Nottingham. The day commenced at 9.30am and finishing off at 4.30pm. Participants gathered from the seven Syro Malabar Holy Mass churches of the Nottingham Diocese, namely Nottingham, Mansfield, Sheffield Clay Cross, Derby, Boston and Scunthrope.

The first talk took place at 10am "Christian Parenting In The Modern World" very insightful by Fr Anthony Chundelikkattil from the Middlesbrough Diocese. This was shortly followed by a Solemn Holy Mass led by Fr Thomas Parayadiyil Co-Ordinator of the Syro Malabar Chaplaincy of England and Wales, co-celebrated by Fr. Biju Joseph, the Chaplain of Syro Malabar Chaplaincy in Nottingham Diocese.

All were then invited to a delicious lunch with fellowship with others. This was quickly followed in the hall by cultural programmes from the various parish centres. Fr. Thomas Parayadiyil read the Papal blessing to the community and all the families were given a copy of that to take their home.

At 4pm, Bishop Patrick McKinney arrived to a very traditional Indian greeting with Fr Biju welcoming him with a lit candle accompanied by a specially made necklace of cardamom seeds handed over by Mr Jain Sebastian, the General Governor.

Bishop Patrick expressed his profound joy and love towards the Syro Malabar community and thanked them all in the delivery of his inspiring message. Fr Biju thanked him with a gift offering, a St Thomas Cross, which is used in the Syro Malabar liturgy.

This drew the programme to conclusion, a wonderful day of spiritual celebration with the communion of family hearts.

A last comment from Fr Biju: this is a historic event in the history of the Syro Malabar chaplaincy in the Nottingham Diocese, calling all to unite together in one place, calling all family members together into one large family.

God bless. Fr Biju Joseph
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