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Good Shepherd
Thank you Altar Servers
Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me, and not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

On Friday, 15 December late afternoon from 5-7pm we gathered for the Altar Servers Christmas Party in the St Joseph Hall, in the parish centre. As a parish we wished to express our deep thanks to our Altar Servers for the tremendous ministry they fulfil faithfully as a group assisting our parish priest, Fr Philipp, during the liturgy throughout the year. Personally I was struck by how many young servers attended daily Holy Mass during the long summer school break. It was very encouraging to see and a great witness to their faith. During 2019 we have run a structured program of 8 sessions, 2 hrs each, a combination of fun time followed by teaching (led by Deacon John Wakeling) with question and answers. If time allowed we would embark on a quiz challenge which always proved very popular with the group. Regular group attendance was encouraged with the more experienced members taking on the role of mentor for the younger and new members. Adrian Staiano, one of our senior and very experienced server has proved a valuable asset with helping to lead the activities, giving guidance as needed.

Some of the topics covered this year included the Holy Mass, The Eucharist: the real presence of Jesus Christ, the role of Our Lady in the Church, prayer life and the importance of deepening ones personal relationship with Jesus Christ. it was very encouraging to see the positive participation of our members, shooting off questions during the sessions showing there is a deep thirst for understanding of the Faith. We also covered the practical aspects of Altar Serving, also identifying all the items used at regular Holy Masses. Our group averages about 16-18 servers, some already have their medals and others working towards receiving their medals; namely 10 new members will be receiving their medals on the feast of St Stephen in December 2019.

We welcome all new recruits with our new program dates for 2020 already published in the parish. If you desire to take part please contact the parish office or pick up an application form from the sacristy and hand it in.

Submitted by Cheryl Broodryk

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