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Good Shepherd
Precious Love Renewal Convention
About one hundered and twenty people responded to an invitation to the Precious Love Renewal Convention and Healing Service that was held in the Social Centre at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Woodthorpe Nottingham on Saturday 30th March.

Members of the Cor et Lumen Christi Catholic Community had been invited to share some teaching about how we respond to God's Love for us and to lead prayer for healing which is a particular charism of the community.

The first talk highlighted the fact that Jesus' ministry was marked by a large number of healings and the speaker emphasised that, whilst good can come from suffering, the church teaches that God does not send suffering and it is good to pray for healing.

The second speaker emphasised the fact that God always has more for us and that we shouldn't settle for too little in our spritual journey. He illustrated this with a story of a popular mountain climb which had a "Halfway House" Cafe part way up the mountain and many people stopped there for lunch. Some would become so comfortable that they would stay there and drink happily all afternoon until they heard a bell indicating that people should start the descent. At that point they would realise that those who had carried on were at the top of the mountain and there was a noticable change in the atmosphere as they had a sense of regret that they had not carried on. He also talked about the importance of faith in the context of healing and how Jesus was unable to work many miracles in Nazareth because of their lack of faith. He also highlighted the fact that unrepentant sin and unforgiveness can be blocks to healing.

In the afternoon members of the Cor et Lumen Christi Community shared testimonies of how God had worked in the past whenever they prayed for healing, often in response to a "word of knowledge" about a situation or illness and the Healings they had witnessed.

This then led into the healing service itself in which words of knowledge were shared and a number of people responded and were prayed for by the team and those around them. The atmosphere was prayerful as people lovingly prayed for those who indicated a need.

During, and after this time of prayer people were asked to come forward if they had noticed a difference in their complaint. A large number of people responded and about twenty agreed to come to the front to share their experiences. It was a delight to hear, and witness, people who previously had chronic pain now free from their complaint. This included a lady who was about to have a knee replacement and was now pain free and actually ran a little in the hall. Another was freed from constant stomach pain (she kept prodding it to prove to herself that it didn't hurt anymore) Healings from painful feet and eyesight problems were also reported. God is good.

As a member of the worship team I was particularly gratified by the way people responded and joined in the worship throughout the day. It was clear that there was a real hunger for God and the Lord responded with great generosity.

For details of further events under the title "Precious Love" and others run in conjunction with the Nottingham Diocesan Service Team for Catholic Charismatic Renewal see the website:

Submitted by Marie Langford

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