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Unplanned: An evening with a Hollywood producer
When the film Unplanned was released in America this year it had unexpected success in more ways than one.
The film is based on the true story of Abby Johnson who went from a Planned Parenthood manager, in a facility that carried out thousands of abortions, to a leading pro life advocate who helps people leave the abortion industry. The film was a huge box office success, in spite of difficulties finding cinemas that would screen it. It also impacted people who saw it and many previously pro choice people have reported how it had made them rethink their position. I was very privileged to have seen the film myself at a private 40 Days for Life preview showing. I found the film to be moving and very sensitively done.

At the Good Shepherd Church in Arnold Nottingham we had hoped to screen the film as part of an evening with a pro life speaker, Greg Jackson. However we were contacted by one of the producers of the film, Sheila Hart, who explained that they were trying to get the film into UK cinemas and asked us if we would hold back on showing the film. She was happy for us to show a documentary about the making of the film instead and offered to be available for a Skype question and answer session afterwards.

As organisers we certainly didn't want to undermine attempts to get the film into UK cinemas and were happy to agree to the new format. The evening went ahead on 12th September in the church social centre. About fifty people attended. The documentary was well received and a number of people had questions for the producer. Many of these concerned whether the film would be shown in the UK and what we could do to help make this happen. Sheila told us that the British film board had just given the film a rating of 16 but as yet there was no film distributor willing to take on the film in the UK. She suggested that the best way that we could help would be to contact local cinemas and ask that they show it. A petition showing the extent of the demand would also be very helpful.

After the Skype session Greg Jackson, of Right to Life, gave a very stimulating talk explaining the pro life argument and how we could effectively dialogue with people who may claim to be pro choice but haven't really thought through the issues. He took a very logical approach getting to the heart of what abortion actually is. He demonstrated that a human life has been scientifically proven to begin at conception. Whatever euphemisms are used to describe this person at different stages of development, there is no escaping the fact that abortion ends a human life.

Greg also dealt sensitively with the "difficult questions" that often come up. He kept coming back to the fact that, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the conception of a child, that child is no less human and deserves our protection too.

For a trailer about the film Unplanned please view

With the backing of Bishop Patrick, petition forms have gone out to all parishes in the diocese. If you would like to help get the film Unplanned into a local cinema please look out for the petition and sign it.

If you have been affected by abortion and would like to talk to someone you can contact:

Arch Helpline on 0345 603 8501

Submitted by Marie Langford

Guest speaker: Greg Jackson

Sheila Hart co-producer Of "Unplanned"
3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288