Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
Woodthorpe Jumble Sale Safari
Prompted by the parish secretary, Carmel Ryan we booked our place on the local Woodthorpe Safari Jumble Sale walkabout. The Good Shepherd parish centre in Arnold, was now on the map for potential visitors with stalls at the ready from 10.30am. Throughout the day there was a fair attendance of people browsing and purchasing eventually raising a sum of £219-50. People were keen to linger, enjoyed a hot drink before moving onto their next stop, This was the first time we had participated in this event and we are definitely keen to do so again next year. A big thank you to the organisers, "Mind" charity.
3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288