Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
Friendship Group Platinum Jubilee Party
After weeks of planning, the Friendship Club members began to get things ready for their Platinum Jubilee Party Celebration. On Monday, we started an early decoration of the Marian Hall in the parish centre with bunting and flags. On Wednesday we continued with the set up of tables, decorating them all, themed in the colours of red, white and blue. We had transformed the hall completely, a festive spirit ready to party!

Meanwhile, in kitchens all over Woodthorpe and Arnold friends were busy baking, producing delicious cakes while the Club treasurer was off to the shops for more supplies (worn out already).

Thursday morning arrived, final preparations were completed and we were now ready to receive our guests.

From 1pm friends began to arrive decked out in red, white and blue outfits, very fitting for the occasion.

We had a raffle followed by the screening of a film of the Queens Coronation before the party got started!

We opened with our prayer followed by the National Anthem and a toast to Her Majesty.??

Delicious afternoon tea was served, flags were waved, songs were sung, as well as performing the okey cokey, some ukelele music with everyone having a wonderful time. By 4pm we were all (knackered) oops, worn out but very happy. Tidying up took us till 5.30pm and oh, how wonderful that cup of tea was! A big, big thank you to a brilliant team with many blessings to Her Majesty, the Queen. We love you Ma'am. God bless.

Submitted by Polly Jarvis.
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