Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
Parish Quiz Night
Well here we are again for the Good Shepherd Quiz Night.

Arrived just after 7 for a 7.30 start. Tables were all set with lovely snacks for starters. Continental meats, cheese, pickles, dips and biscuits. People were busy in the kitchen preparing for the main course and ensuring all went smoothly. Others were serving drinks, running the tombola stall and our quiz masters were waiting and eager to get going. Eventually everyone settled, the room was full as everyone enjoyed their starter and then the quiz was off. The theme was Christmas and we started with a picture round followed by 2 lots of 10 questions.

Then the main course: stew and dumpling or vegetable bake. Both looked wonderful. I had the veg bake which was superb.

On then to two more rounds of quiz before pudding. Choice of 3 which were again lovely with plenty for seconds. Then cheese and biscuits as well.

The night went off with a bang once again. All helpers worked very hard to make the evening a success but special thanks must go to Fr. Philips sister who cooked all the food behind the scenes leading up to the evening. Only two words: 'Brilliant and Thank you'.

Having been now to a few of these evenings I have the same thought, 'If anyone can tell me where else I might go to have good fun in good company and a 3 course meal for £6.50 then I'd like to know about it,'
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