Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
60th Diamond Jubilee Christmas Tree Festival
The Good Shepherd Church in Arnold, Nottingham has launched its 60th celebration year starting with a Christmas Tree Festival. After discussions, it was decided to call upon the parish ministries to showcase their ministries in an unique and creative way. There emerged some delightful surprises with a lot of thought and inspiration behind some of the designs. A tree made out of a discarded pallet, a variety of twig trees, and the very likeable traditional green trees. Some were dressed with evangelical themes, some showcased what they represented and others were used for outreach. The Scrubbers (the cleaning team) made up of a lot of retired nursing staff, a retired pharmacist and a current radiographer were inspired by the Intercare Medical Aid To Africa Christmas match funded program. This was incorporated in such a manner that it led to Claudia (from Intercare) paying us a visit with Bishop Patrick attending the festival to lend his support and goodwill to this initiative of which he is their patron. During the morning visit £272 was raised with additional medical supplies (crutches, bandages etc) which will be finding their way to the African continent in the new year. Please visit for further information if this has any appeal to you and you would like to assist. The Christmas Tree Festival was open to the public to view on dedicated days with light refreshments available in the parish centre. Parish stewards were available to take people on tour round the church, answering questions that arose. We hope to be back next year stronger and more inspired than ever as we take this concept to the next level. Thank you all.

   Message from Bishop Patrick McKinney
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