of the
Good Shepherd
Ceremony of Swieconka
ON HOLY SATURDAY EACH YEAR, the Polish faithful of the Parish bring their Easter Baskets (Ceremony of Swieconka), containing a sampling of Easter breakfast foods, to the church of the Good Shepherd, Nottingham, to be blessed by Canon Philipp Ziomek. T his is one of the most beloved Polish traditions on Holy Saturday. Each member of the family has a bite of all the blessed foods after Holy Mass on Easter Sunday. This is followed by a great feasting of salamis, eggs, salads and cakes.

The contents of the basket are symbolic -

A Yeast Cake (Babka): Reminiscent of the Risen Lord.

Colourful dyed eggs: Symbolise hope in Christ's Resurrection and new life.

Bread: Symbolic of Jesus, the Bread of Life.

A Lamb figure: Represents The Paschal Lamb.

Horseradish: Symbolises the bitterness and harshness of the Passion of Jesus.

Salt: A necessary element of our physical life and to preserve us from corruption.

Polish Salami (Kielbasa): Indicative of God's mercy and generosity.

Sprigs of Greenery: Represents joy in Spring and the Resurrection & finally some Spring Flowers.

Parish newsletter : 11 April 2021
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