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The Savoy Screens Unplanned
The film Unplanned is based on an autobiographical book by Abby Johnson. As the youngest manager working for Planned Parenthood she ran an abortion facility until one day when she was called in to help with an abortion. Her task was to operate the ultrasound during the procedure and somehow this brought her to a realisation of what they were actually doing. She had a complete change of heart and is now a prominent pro life speaker and advocate. She was helped to leave the abortion industry by Shawn Carney who was one of the founders of 40 Days for Life and at the time used to pray and gently counsel women outside Abby's abortion facility. She must have regarded Shawn as the enemy which made it even more remarkable that she turned directly to him for help.

In spite of opposition the film was released in America and was very successful. Attempts have been made to get the film released generally in the U.K. but it seems that most cinemas are unwilling to take a risk and show the film here. We were very fortunate however in that the Savoy in Nottingham agreed to a screening on Wednesday 22nd January. This was helped by the fact that over 400 people in the diocese signed a petition showing support for the film and requesting that the Savoy show it at their cinema. Bookings for the date were in fact so good that the cinema agreed to a second showing on the Thursday.

Bishop Patrick attended on the Wednesday when the cinema was pretty much sold out.

The film was hard hitting but sensitively made and a number of people in the cinema were clearly moved by the experience. One of the most powerful scenes showed Shawn Carney and his wife praying over two barrels of medical waste after asking the refuge disposal man "Is that what I think it is?" "I'm afraid so" was the response. This scene was interspersed with shots of the ultrasound showing the unborn baby, the suction procedure, then the empty womb. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to tie it all together.

The film did end on a very hopeful note. Planned Parenthood took Abby Johnson to court but lost. She began to pray outside the clinic with Shawn Carney and 40 Days for Life and eventually the clinic closed down.

As we approach lent, Nottingham 40 Days for Life is preparing for its 5th Prayer campaign. Our prayers were answered last year when we heard that abortions were no longer being routinely performed at the QMC or City hospitals. BPAS do however run an abortion clinic in Stapleford so we have decided to run a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign outside the clinic.

If you would like to get involved please look at the website

If you have been affected by abortion or an unplanned pregnancy there are compassionate organisations that are willing to help.

If you are pregnant and worried contact Life. Their website address is and you can either message, phone or text. For post abortion help contact Arch Helpline on 03456038501

Submitted by Marie Langford
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