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Advent 2019 - Advent 2020:

"The Year of the Word" celebrating 1400 anniversary of St. Jerome & 10th anniversary of "Dei Verbum"

Arrangements are now available should you wish to express your gratitude for Bernard's involvement in building up the Good Shepherd Parish Community. Your Mass cards will be a tremendous comfort to his son, Garron and his daughter and their families. By them they will know the value you remember Bernard for his involvement in building the "new" Church which you and I have to the Glory of God now and his constant presence as a Verger/Steward of welcome and assurance as you gathered in the Church. Bernard was always one who fully understood the temporal needs of the parish community and not only did he ensure the stewardship of Offertory collections, but also ensured their counting and good use regularly taking his turn on a Sunday evening. We thank God for Bernard's life among us on Friday next at 10.30 a.m. Requiem Mass and offer prayerful support in thanksgiving to his family in their bereavement.

Please continue for the time being, ensure that you book a place by visiting the Diocesan website as a central booking system that enables online booking for the Good Shepherd Church (and other participating deanery Churches) Follow the instructions. You can book any Mass celebration up to seven days ahead. People without internet access should contact Marie Langford directly by telephone on 0794 815 1264 To maximise seating at The Good Shepherd. Follow the booking instructions carefully. Household groups of up to three persons should book one "single". Larger household groups (of six, say) should book "a family pew". We look forward to welcoming you back.

Thank you to all who support our "Church Market Place". Recently the organisers have used ebay as a source for fund raising and we take our hats off to them for their efforts which to date have raised £2,500 which has been banked by the organisers of this tremendous effort of sales to assist the parish income. A very sincere thanks indeed. Three cheers please for our ebay sales organisers who lead us by this enterprising venture and ensure we can pay our bills as well, as through a profound love of the Church ensure we can look to the future with confidence.

What would we do without your generous recognition that the Offertory Collection of the Mass is an integral part of our spirituality. Yes, we are reassured by your representatives on our Parish Finance Committee not only of good stewardship, but wise and counselled use of the temporal goods of the parish, which ensure the support of the Church and the parish centre. First may we thank you for your continued support and our gratitude for the number of envelopes that are delivered in these difficult times. We are all conscious that the Centre no longer brings in any revenue for lettings as in previous times, yet we must maintain it such, that when we can once again welcome commercial users it will again pay for itself. Recently we have had all electrics in the Centre and the Church PAT tested to full health and safety requirements; we have (thanks to Ray Steeples) refurbished the Josephinium and maintained the necessary cleaning etc. All alarms, Fire & (yes, sorry to mention it, but miscreants do still abound), the Burglar alarm have had their annual maintenance checks. It all costs money though which is why your parish priest and your Finance Committee members are so grateful for your generous support in these troubled times. Although we cannot take collections in the normal manner at present, your generous weekly offering to support your parish community can be given through the baskets in narthex or the letterbox. Thank you.

Thank you to all who support our parish "POP UP STALL" and to our providers of the same. To date we have had marvellous opportunities. Dr. Greenfingers has provided us with some wonderful plants and bulb combinations, both for the home and the garden. I know, those who have missed out are sad, but don't be too despondent you will have future opportunities to enhance your gardens as well as to support your Church. We recognise the tremendous gifts of Marmalade (of all tastes) as well as harvest produce jam and of course our famous "Parish Piccalilly", Chutney and the Beetroot Jam (useful for either sweet or savoury), a must for any discerning palate. Yes, we hear again the disappointed groan of the discerning palate that missed out on sales, but let us be optimistic! There is always tomorrow to make up for your lack today and hopefully the relish experts will continue to provide in the tastebud challenge!

IN THE Good Shepherd Parish Community. By the time you read this, please God 56 families will have led their children through careful preparation to this wonderful Sacrament. What of next year? Despite any restrictions of course we will ensure this annual parish spiritual development takes place. Cards will soon be published to enable families to record their wish to develop their child's spirituality by preparing for First Confession (that most wonderful, yet sometimes neglected Sacrament of the present day) and First Holy Communion. Sign up soon! See below!

Please note, our parish Repository has reopened since the beginning of September. The entrance, ordinarily is via the Stewards entering Church, and so you fulfil all Health & Safety requirements of the current anxiety. If you don't spot your need in our magnificent displays, then please do ask. Maria Godfrey has a tremendous resource and not enough space to display! It's all there, so we hope you will support us through the Repository. We draw your attention to the availability of Christmas needs from our Parish Retail Outlet: Candles, Nativity Scenes, Christmas cards, wrapping paper etc. are all available or can be ordered. Meet Maria who will welcome your enquiry to purchase items, and support your parish. Thank you.

From the beginning of October enrolment cards will be available for the following:-
  1. First Confession & First Holy Communion. This was removed as a preparatory preparation from our Schools five years ago. The Academies support the programme but all enrolment and participation is now through the parish. Please therefore, refer to parish Parental and Candidates preparation. Thank you.
  2. RCIA. A programme of preparation for Full Communion after Baptism of adults or of Adult Baptism next Easter. We look forward to welcoming enquirers into the Faith.

You can visit the Diocesan website via our parish website (details at the head of the page) or via our School's websites (Christ the King Senior Academy-recommended for excellence of teaching) - or our primary academies of St. Margaret Clitherow or the Good Shepherd. Ensure your child's name is down for admission as soon as possible. All details of the Cathedral and Diocesan Activities are available on this website. Check out "The Grapevine" for this month. Don't forget "miss it; miss out!"

This year's Family Fast Day is on Friday 2nd October. Please save any money from a frugal meal to give to CAFOD. Envelopes are available this weekend to collect and return any money you save by your frugality and is distributed through Catholic Aid for Overseas Development. A taxpayer can "Gift Aid" their generosity by signing the accompanying form with the envelope. Thank you.

"How?", I hear you ask! Simple. Don't forget, it costs us about 50 pence per copy to produce the weekly newsletter. Ideally it contains weekly information for you as a reference through the week at home. Don't leave it in the Church. In the current situation it has to be destroyed and cannot be shared. Are you using it only for the Mass texts on the back? Why do you not follow the ancient tradition and pious custom of having your own missal? At one time every First 'communicant received their first Missal from their Godparents. Do they today? I hope so. If not why not, as families make sure all members of the family have a missal to follow? Full of devotional prayers as well as the Mass prayers and text, every Catholic should have one! There are cheap annual CTS versions available from the Repository or why not subscribe to "Magnificat": a monthly edition of all that you need for daily Mass and Spirituality? You can buy this by subscription and have it delivered to your home. You will find daily morning and evening prayer as well as articles from the Saints and encouragement of Catholic Catechetical teaching to enable daily Spiritual growth. Go on! How much do you spend on monthly magazines? "Magnificat" costs £4.00 per month. Spoil yourself!

Last updated 25.9.2020
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