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Advent 2019 - Advent 2020:

"The Year of the Word" celebrating 1400 anniversary of St. Jerome & 10th anniversary of "Dei Verbum"


We encourage all to participate in the wonderful ceremonies of Redemption using modern media. Whilst it is not the same as personal participation, spiritual communion with the Lord is surely our first desire. Please be assured that we shall be celebrating as much as possible the schedule outlined on our parish Easter Card even though current requirements insist that these are "private". Your full participation can be achieved by tuning in to:
  • EWTN and sharing all of Holy Week with Holy Father, Pope Francis. Be aware that European time could be 1 hour ahead of our own in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Tune into the Diocesan Cathedral Website. Here you will find full streaming of the Holy Week Liturgy with our own Bishop, Patrick and his encouraging words of homily.
  • If all else fails remember that during the Sacred Triduum, the Mass of the Last Supper is celebrated on Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday the Solemn Commemoration of the Lord's Passion is celebrated and the Vigil of Easter is celebrated on Holy Saturday evening. Can we also remind our gentle parishioners to use our pre prepared Easter Card. It shares the other celebrations outside of the full Triduum Liturgy, so the Blessing of Easter Breakfast Baskets (Swiecone) will still take place BUT ALL OF THE LITURGIES MUST BE IN PRIVATE. YOU CAN JOIN IN BY KNOWING THEY TAKE PLACE AND SHARE PRAYER IN THE HOME AT THE SAME TIME or tune into the streamed l iturgies presided ove by the Bishop at the Cathedral (Full details on the Diocesan & Cathedral Websites.). Place your baskets on the table at home and offer the traditional prayers of blessing to prepare for the Easter Festival. Let us pray in the privacy of the Home this Easter for deliverance from all of our anxieties.
A special note to my "Little People".

You can't imagine the delight of receiving so many of your messages via Royal Mail, email and social media. These are from the children of the parish and our little friends in the Good Shepherd School. I hope to respond to you all, but I hope your parents will anticipate it by reading this and saying "thank you" for the care you show you to me. Thank you children. Fr. Philipp.

Thank you for your continued support. The need is great and so is your generosity for this. The Church narthex remains open to receive your gift of prayer in the Lady Chapel and any gifts for the Food Bank which are taken as soon as possible in support of local need.

Emmanuel House values all food and toiletries as a contribution, but at the present time cannot accept any clothing. Please do not bring any clothing or bedding to the Church for the time being. Thank you.

Your parish united with the Church in England to fulfil and renew the Consecration of this nation to the Queenship of our Most Blessed Lady, Mary. The prayers of consecration were prayed; the Act of Consecration celebrated; the Holy Mass was celebrated and surely the Angels rejoiced. Now it's over to all of us to make England and Wales once again the Dowry of Mary. Remember up until 1534 there were more shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mother of God and the Mother of Holy Church, in England and Wales than in any other country in Europe. Let's return it to the same! May Our Most Blessed Lady, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.

The last time the Church in England was not able to receive Sacramental Union with Her Risen Lord was in the 11th Century when an Interdict was placed upon the country by Pope Innocent III under the reign of King John. Now it is because of Covid 19 - a hidden enemy that prevents, for the sake of your personal health and wellbeing our organic expression of the Body of Christ and our Sacramental Union with the Risen Lord. So many have 'phoned in to advise how much they miss the Holy Mass, but you can be in Spiritual Communion with all of us. Know that the Divine Liturgy is celebrated according to the schedules outlined on the usual card available and even though we can't be united in the Church, the Spiritual Bonds of Communion through the Lord are unbreakable for those who "Love God above all things and love your neighbour as yourself". Chin up!! All is well and all will be well again!.

Please remember in prayer the following parishioners whose earthly pilgrimage is fulfilled:

Canon John Berry RIP. Canon John's funeral will take place on Tuesday of this week. The circumstances insist that this must be a private occasion, but Holy Mass will be offered for the repose of his soul on that morning and we hope that when the current anxiety is past the Bishop will lead a memorial Mass for him in his parish at Eastwood. Please do keep the Diocese in prayer. Pray also for the inspiration to encourage vocations to the priesthood that our local Church of the diocese may continue to grow. When was the last time we had an ordination in the Good Shepherd Church. At one time, there was a regular stream of candidates both for the diocese and Religious Orders.

Please remember: Your in prayer, whether at home or in visiting the Church is vital at this time. Listen for the bell of the Angelus and remember to recite the prayer; pray the Rosary with the Holy Father, Francis and let us come together to rise to all challenges. Let us watch over and care for one another.

You can imagine that the Committee is deeply conscious of the Financial constraints upon family budgets at this time. If you are able to assist the parish family the PFC has prepared the following message. Thank you to all who have been forwarding your usual weekly offering envelopes to us. This is very much appreciated.
Unfortunately the complete closure of our Parish Centre has cut off one of our income streams also, so any offering is greatly appreciated. Last week our Utility Bills for Gas & Electricity were as follows: Parish Centre £1,278.04 and for the Church £1,081.08.

- a number of parishioners have asked what they should do about their weekly offerings to the parish during the current coronavirus crisis. There are three options:
  1. if you are popping into church for private prayer at any time, you can post your offerings in an envelope through the parish office door letter box, immediately to your right as you enter Church from Thackerays Lane.
  2. you can hold on to your offerings/envelopes and bring them to church when the current restriction on public Mass attendance is lifted; or
  3. you could switch to using monthly bank standing orders, either temporarily or permanently, for your offerings. If you would like a bank standing order mandate please let us know-contact Philip Martin at We recommend that only cheques are sent to the church through the normal mailing arrangements.

Thank you for your continuing support for the parish during this difficult time.

Parish Finance Committee.
Please remember:

Your prayer, whether at home or in visiting the Church is vital at this time. Listen for the bell of the Angelus and remember to recite the prayer; pray the Rosary with the Holy Father, Francis and let us come together to rise to all challenges.

Dear parishioners:

PLEASE CONTINUE to offer courtesy to our neighbours when parking cars in the vicinity of the Church. Thanks!

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