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Constantly being aware of the parish debt that lies ahead of us for necessary repairs and upgrades as well as the missionary aspect of the Church, it was agreed to launch our own Marketplace offering quality gifts for sale. Displayed below, the terms of trading concerning the listed items are explained in more detail. There is a variety of items on offer and these items will vary from time to time. We encourage you to browse, spread the word and hopefully together we can raise some vital funds. This is only one of the many streams used to boost our parish income and we are always looking for ways to enhance this. If you have any ideas that may assist with this, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office: or our parish Think Tank. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions of Fundraiser
This is a fundraising facility for the Good Shepherd Church, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, to support parishioners and the surrounding local community.
All items are donated.
All profits will go directly to the Good Shepherd Church, Woodthorpe, Nottingham.
All items sold "voetstoets", sold "as it is"
All items preowned unless otherwise stated.
All items can be viewed online. If you require to see the item 'in person so to speak' by arrangement, items may be viewed Mondays between 10am-2.30pm at the Good Shepherd Church. Please contact for a viewing.
Please place your purchase request with the corresponding item number, contact details: name, address, telephone number /email address and hand it at the parish office or email for assistance.
If an email is submitted, you will receive confirmation via email.

Only cash, card and cheque payments (with corresponding card ID) will be accepted. Only once cheque payments have been cleared (this could be up to 7 working days) may the item be collected in person from the Good Shepherd Church. You will be notified for collection.
Once item is sold then collection will be arranged from the Good Shepherd Church, or unless otherwise arranged by both parties concerned. By email/ or text /or telephonically, a suitable time for collection will be arranged suitable to both parties concerned.
We hope you will enjoy browsing our items, come back frequently to see new listings and know that you are helping this community greatly, with every penny appreciated and put to good use.
Thank you

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