Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
Parish Pastoral Team
We are grateful for the people who willingly responded to the creation of the Parish Pastoral Team, drawn from parishioners who have skills and experience in the various areas that they adopt in order to support us all and who will work in partnership with and under the guidance of the Parish Leadership Team. Hopefully in union with our existing personnel, Ray Steeples our Premises Officer at the Good Shepherd, and Carmel Ryan in Admin, we shall continue to grow and develop with confidence in the future. We are pleased to introduce the personnel to you all and hope we can all work together to fulfil the Great Commission of the Lord, to "Go out and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Please do respond when team members invite you to share with them in co-ordinating our various ministries for the good of the whole. May the Lord now bless our endeavours.

The Parish Pastoral Team: tasked to draw into unity the various ministries within the Vision of the Parish.

  • Catherine Simpson: Communications & Social Eventing

  • Ben Wright: Liturgy & Worship

  • Reg Carter: Hospitality and Evangelisation

  • Maria Poyser: Youth Ministry & Ecumenism

  • Julie Rawding: Building & Sites Management

The Parish Leadership Team: tasked to develop strategic planning within the Vision of the Parish.

  • Fr Philipp Ziomek: parish priest

  • Fraser Sanders: Catechesis & Evangelization

  • Rebecca O'Connor: Outreach and Mission

  • Adriano Staiano: Outreach and Mission

  • Francesca Lynch: Parish Part Time Manager

3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288