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A Year of Patronage of St. Joseph - Foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently to fulfil "Track & Trace" we must book a place for Mass. Please use either 0794 815 1264 (Marie Langford) or This Thursday, marks the 1st anniversary of the 1st lockdown, Our Bishops hope you will make it a day of special prayer in thanksgiving for all who have supported/helped the nation and for deliverance from the pandemic.

We continue the daily rosary in the month of May with accompanying devotions half an hour before daily Mass. Please note, under the present limitations our usual Obligation of Sunday and Holy Day Mass is temporarily suspended. However we can participate via the live streaming and union in Spiritual Communion. This Thursday we mark the Solemnity of the Ascension and begin the Novena for Pentecost. Let us continue the prayer together for safe deliverance into the future and renewal of our Parish Family Life.
PARISH NEWS: Parish Finance:

The current pandemic has had an impact on our parish finances as you can imagine. Unfortunately it has meant the termination of all activities in the Parish Assembly Rooms, which was a great source of income for its maintenance and to supplement parish needs. This has ceased for over 18 months to date. Equally the numbers attending Holy Mass are limited by the needs of social distancing etc... which has necessitated Mass bookings for attendance (see above) but has meant a drop in direct giving. This will be identified by your Parish Finance Committee in their annual report to the Parish after careful preparation by our accountant, Mr Brian Huthwaite, and of course subject to the scrutiny of auditors. Whilst we cut our cloth accordingly to ensure cash flow for utility bills etc, you can help. "How?" I hear you ask. Well first let us be conscious that any parish in the Universal Church can never depend upon its direct giving alone, but always on its supplementary support by fund raising and sales. Thus your purchases at the Repository or at the back of the Church are a tremendous help. This year your support of "Secret Santa"; of the various Raffles and the "Pop Up" Stalls has raised over £6000. Thank you. Please do think about the following:
  1. It costs about 30 pence each week to buy and print our parish newsletter. You're offering for each one is a great support.
  2. Your purchase of a Sunday Missal would mean that you don't use the Newsletter as a Liturgical aid and thus enable each family in the parish to have a copy. These last few weeks we have run out of newsletters before Sunday 10.30 am Holy Mass. Please think of other members of our parish family.
  3. Awareness of Utility Bills: All of our water, gas and electricity is metered. Your conscientious support in turning off taps and light switches when not in use is a valuable saving as well as a support to the green issues of the world of today. Water taps hold a particular need of awareness. Not only do hot running taps waste water, but add to our costs also in energy as well provision bills.
  4. To maintain the Church open for Mass, requires the extra costings for "Fogging", hand gels, and all anti-covid cleaning equipment (hand and bench towels etc..). Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

The Five First Saturday's Devotion: Mary requested the Communion of Reparation on the Five First Saturdays of the month, along with the recitation of five decades of the Rosary and fifteen minutes meditation on the mysteries. Please join us for a Holy Hour on Saturday 5th June to respond to Our Lady's request. The Sacrament of Confession will also be offered. Adoration from 11.00 am - 12 noon.

We are grateful for the tremendous service exercised by our Eucharistic Ministers in the parish Church, our homes and our hospitals. Bishop Patrick encourages a renewal of this service each year on the Feast of Corpus Christi. This year the Feast falls on 6th June, but in the current circumstance we hope to celebrate a Holy Hour on Friday, 4th June at 6.30 pm. Any ministers themselves not shielding, who are able to attend are invited to do so. Again we can all be involved via "live streaming" and make our personal renewal at home. The Feast of Corpus Christi is a tremendous opportunity of deepening Faith and devotion to our Eucharistic Lord.

October 2nd, the Feast of the Guardian Angels, seems a long way away, but HMG guidelines permitting we hope to share the Parish Congress from 11:00 - 4.00 pm to kickstart the relaunch into the post Covid world. Please put the date in your diary now and a prayer that by then we will have greater freedom to fulfil our duty of evangelisation and bring many to The Lord.

In the first instance, Couples requesting the Sacrament of Marriage should contact Fr. Philipp to make the necessary arrangements. Please note: Marriage Law has been changed and all couples will need to make appointment at their local Registry Office to express intent on marriage at The Good Shepherd Church after 4th May (There are no marriages booked before that date!) even if you have already done so pre-pandemic! You will be issued with a "Marriage Schedule" which must be submitted to Fr. Philipp prior to the marriage. Due to the legal importance of this change.
VOCATIONS ZOOM CAFE: God is calling. Are you listening?

The Vocations Team are holding their next café for those interested in finding out more about their calling on Monday 24th May at 7 pm. This month Fr Wilfred, Parish Priest of Corpus Christi, Nottingham and a member of the Religious congregation Sacred Heart Fathers will speak about: How He Lives His Call Today. Contact Diane at the Vocations Team: for the Zoom link or telephone the Vocations Centre on 0115 9501064 for more information. A warm welcome awaits you.

We hope to proceed with First Confession with our families on Thursday, 17th June at 5.00 pm. This celebration should last for about a Holy Hour. Should all continue well we hope to celebrate First Holy Communion 2021 at 11:00 am on Saturday, 26th June. These dates are naturally set in consultation with Mrs Williams (School Principal), and Mrs Serena Dougal (RE Co-ordinator) at the Good Shepherd Catholic Primary Academy.

Concern for the needs of others has always been the trademark of our parish community. Thank you for the support shown to the Arnold Foodbank which is always ongoing. We hope to return to our usual pattern of support for Emmanuel House each 1st Sunday of the month beginning on Corpus Christi, 6th June. Thank you for this generous outreach.

Boxes are now due to be emptied. Please leave them in the container provided in the sacristy. Emptied boxes can be collected back from the porch area on the booklet cabinet. The parish total raised for 2020 was £1808.23 (both boxes and direct giving). Thank you! Options for direct giving can be found on the website or by calling 0207 821 9755 (office hours).

takes place this weekend. Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East, (FACE), is launching a prayer group to receive a monthly prayer intention for Eastern Christians. FACE has also published a short document which informs you about the Eastern Churches in union with Rome. To join, download the document or make a financial donation, please visit their website You can also donate £10 directly by texting DAYOFPRAYER to 70450. (Texts cost the £10 donation plus one standard rate message).

Normally on the 7th Sunday of Easter, those who have been Received into the Church at Easter (Neophytes) are invited to a Mass of thanksgiving at the Cathedral with Bishop Patrick. This year Bishop Patrick will lead a half an hour online service of celebration for Neophytes, please join him at 3:00pm on Sunday 16th May on his YouTube Channel:

Bishop Patrick has designated Sunday 16th May this year, as our Diocesan Safeguarding Sunday. He will offer a special Mass giving thanks for the voluntary support of so many people who help with Safeguarding in the Diocese, on Saturday 15th May at 11.30am in the Cathedral. This will only be available via livestreaming.

Saturday 22nd May 2021 from 10am to 12 noon at Trent Bridge. SPUC invites you to mark the 53rd anniversary of the Abortion Act coming into force in 1968, by joining their Pro-Life Chain. This is a peaceful, silent roadside vigil in solidarity with unborn children, their mothers and anyone suffering from the effects of abortion. They will be following Government guidance on Covid-secure requirements. For more information, contact John 07757 815 625, Caroline (01623) 795 062, or email

is available after 9.15 am Mass - socially distanced and outside for the time being. See you there!
Dear parishioners:

PLEASE CONTINUE to offer courtesy to our neighbours when parking cars in the vicinity of the Church. Thanks!

Last updated 7.5.2021
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