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A Year of Patronage of St. Joseph - Foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently to fulfil "Track & Trace" we must book a place for Mass. Please use either 0794 815 1264 (Marie Langford) or In this way we can ensure the safety of all in our commu7nity and our visitors who love to use the God Shepherd Church and meet it's community.

Please ensure you book the date now! We have engaged Joe Hopkins (Diocesan Director of Adult Formation for Mission) as facilitator to launch our parish from maintenance to mission. This will become more paramount as we realise the needs of your local Church for the future. Please ensure you put the 2nd October in your diaries now! We hope that all the Ministries of the Parish (Catechists, Parents, Schools, Sacristans, Liturgy Ministers, Finance Teams, Think Tank Members, Administration Support members etc… will all be represented, but vitally as many as possible of parishioners are asked to be present.

Our Bishop, Patrick, has been encouraging various parishes of the Diocese to engage with the "Divine Renovation" programme. The Good Shepherd parish has been recognised to be one of these and as part of this programme we are looking to the formation of a Parish Pastoral Team. Please pray for the success of this programme and the generosity of talent from parishioners as we promote this forward. This is becoming especially more necessary as we realise the development of future pastoral practise.

One characteristic of our tremendous parishioners here in the Good Shepherd during the limitations imposed upon us by lockdown, has been both patience and forbearance as well as goodwill. Whilst we all would like to have full Sacramental participation, we have relied upon Spiritual Communion with the Lord to avoid unhealthy transmission of the virus. This is especially the case in our hospitals and nursing homes, where "footfall" has been extremely limited. Gradually this is now easing and we are looking to the future with a greater confidence. In the meantime we are grateful to those who have provided our availability of Holy Mass via the "live streaming" which has resulted in the parish expansion, such that we have "hits" from all continents of the world. Thank you. Please bear with us as we continue to abide for your safety by guidelines from HMG. We hope that by September we may once again resume our full service.
Current Guidance

This Guidance is offered to the Dioceses of England and Wales now the country has moved into Step 4 of the Government Covid-19 Response Roadmap. It is important to reiterate that the general principles of continuing to create a safe environment in places of worship and their ancillary buildings are not abandoned. Indeed, the way forward must be a collective endeavour of all involved in the daily life of the Church in England and Wales. Recognition of the presence of the virus in the population means that certain preventative practices will still be required, and this is important to ensure that Diocesan trustees are seen to be discharging their Health and Safety duties. Therefore, hand sanitisers will continue to be at the entrances and exits of the Good Shepherd Church and all other buildings. We strongly recommend that face coverings are continued to be worn in the Church and the hall, unless you are exempt from doing so.
The offertory collection can now resume at all Masses. The Blessed Sacrament will continue to be given under one kind only. There will be 'no sign of peace'. Congregational singing is now allowed BUT face coverings must be worn until infection levels reduce. For the next few weeks, we will continue with the Mass Booking System as we assess the local conditions regarding the virus in this area, but we are looking at slightly increasing the capacity, as there is now no legislation on social distancing in England. Care will be taken to ensure that the Church continues to be a safe place and 'Please Leave A Space Cards' are available as you enter, if you wish to place one beside you to allow for social distancing.

Last Saturday's meeting was very positive and a number of "renewal ideas" emerged in the way forward, not least the desire to begin the Weekly Friday luncheons in the Josephinium after the midday Mass. This proved an enormous success in the past and hopefully will once again be rebuilt to success in the future. Again we look to September when the Schools reopen for a renewal of this tremendous facility of convivium and repast.

Yes the closure of our schools for summer recess is always a marked turning point in the year. There return will be the occasion of thinking more of Autumn and Harvest Festival as we look forward now to a few weeks of summer vacation. Although Mrs Williams will officially retire on 31st August, the School took opportunity to celebrate her years of teaching, leadership and Headship and offers great encouragement to her to enjoy the future as she enters the University of the Third Age. We thank her for all of her input into Catholic Education over many years and prayerfully wish her well into the future. The Good Shepherd School looks forward now with eager confidence as Mrs Celine Toner comes to take leadership as Head teacher from the 1st September. Mrs Toner is well known to many as a leading headteacher in Catholic Education in the Diocese and more locally the City where she has experienced the roles not only of School Headteacher, but also Executive headteacher of two schools when need called. She will be assisted by Miss Ellie Smallwood who comes as deputy headteacher in replacement of Mrs Caroline Milner who has been promoted to Headteacher in another School. We look forward with thanksgiving for the past and confidence in the future. May the Lord continue to bless our parish and our school.

Enrolment cards will be available soon to offer places in next years programme of preparation for union with the Eucharistic Lord. Please note; this is a parish based programme that relies on the Faith of parents, who are generously supported by the time of our Catechists. We hope to restore parents meetings in the upcoming programme which of necessity were suspended due to the pandemic. If release is given, as hoped in July this year, we shall begin our programme in September with our parents.

Recognising the disruption of our normal bi-annual Confirmation programme we should be due to celebrate the Sacrament in May / June 2022. If you are in year 7 or above and would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, look out for enrolment cards soon to be available in the Autumn.

Photographs for families of the recently Confirmed are available now and can be picked up after Mass at the Sacristy door or during the week from the Parish Admin Suite in the Assembly Rooms. See panel for opening time details.

Couples seeking marriage in the parish, should give notice to Fr. Philip as soon as possible. Marriage Law changed on the 4th May this year, 2021. As the Church is a registered building for Civil Marriage, as well as Sacramental Marriage (both are contained in the same ceremony) it is vital to fulfil the civil requirements. During preparation Fr. Philipp will be able to guide couples through the Civil Requirements to ensure validity.

The term derives from the Anglo Saxon "Hlafmesse" which translated means "Loaf Mass" It was always celebrated on the 1st August. From the medieval "Lammas", loaves of bread made from the first cut grain were laid on the Altar of the parish Church as a thanksgiving offering to the Lord and then given to support the clergy and the poor. It opened a festival used to foretell marriages. Two young people could agree to a wedlock for the duration of the festival. If they weren't suited they could part their ways at the end of the Festival. Like many of the ancient customs of the Church, Lammas Day ceased during the reign of Henry VIII.
RCIA - The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

We recommend this programme to all who don't share our Faith or who are currently "resting" to restore "the joy of their youth!" by enrolling on this annual programme. Beginning in early October and meeting regularly, this programme of introduction and evangelisation finds in fulfilment in adult baptism or entry into Full Communion (for the pre-baptized) into the Church. We encourage all in this celebration of evangelisation to distribute copies of the "welcome" card to this programme for 21/22.

Please save the dates; starting with - Sat 27 Nov 2021. Our annual Christmas Fair with craft stalls, homemade lunches, savouries, jams and cakes, unique gifts, face painting, children's activities plants, books, toy stall, Santa's grotto and so much more. Subject to no emergencies, we'll also have a real life police car for families to explore. Possibly also a fire engine TBC. All are welcome. Invite friends and family too. If you're having a clear out over summer, please save good quality toy and bric-a-brac donations (no clothing please). We'll be accepting donations into the Parish centre from September. Things continue with our other Christmas main events on Saturday - 4th December, 2021. Our Annual Secret Santa Lunch Party & Christmas Party and Parish fun afternoon. Yes it's a whole parish luncheon which we hope all will respond to with entertainment for all especially the children. Your very own favourite Secret Santa is ready to deliver your Secret Santa presents; so come all of you, relax, enjoy yourselves mingle and feast upon a sumptuous lunch party. This is your chance to join all at our annual festive parish "get together".

Please let us have any jam jars (not coffee etc…) that can be recycled for Jam sales. We are collecting again to enable our regular "Pop Up" stall is fully stocked with all of your favourites.

Please be welcomed on Tuesday mornings once again for refreshment and conversation. Bring your own newspapers etc…

Our Church Cleansing Operatives seek your help and support. Since our pandemic, naturally some of our team have now retired or of necessity are shielding. It means our numbers are depleted, but the work continues. Could you offer an hour a week to support our CCO's in the wonderful work of maintaining the Church to its highest standards that are achieved by the Cleansing Operatives. If so, please drop by into the Sacristy after Monday morning Mass (typically about 10.00 o' clock), where you will find your various friends and parishioners gathering. Refreshments are available also as the team meets.

Thank you for the continued donations to the above local charities. The Good Shepherd is one of the three most generous givers to the Arnold Food Bank. Your continued generosity is so much valued and appreciated. The first Sunday of each month we dedicate to the needs of Emmanuel House Day Centre, when members of the SVP take our offerings there. The remaining Sundays of any month are directed to the Arnold Food Bank and we are grateful to Ray Steeples for his continued dedication in ensuring your generous donations are delivered there each week.

is a residential summer course exploring the relationship of faith with philosophy, science and culture. Particularly helpful for catechists and teachers fielding commonly-asked questions around Catholicism, as well as anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith. The summer course will run from 5th - 8th August. For more information and to register please follow the link:

The Beda College in Rome is running a discernment weekend for men between the ages of 30 and 55 from Friday 3rd September to Sunday 5th September 2021. It takes place at St Bueno's Spirituality Centre in North Wales. The weekend is to reach men who are not already in touch with their diocese and is a first step for those who may be exploring the possibility of priestly vocation in later life. Information and registration forms are at:

Your local Blood Donor Centre currently needs your support. Nottingham Donor Centre on North Church Street, NG1 4BR are having some difficulties in maximising capacity, and I ask you today if you are able to help? During the summer months, donor attendance has been known to drop significantly. This year, this has become even more apparent as COVID-9 restrictions begin to ease. The NHS is restarting routine surgeries and procedures, meaning that as demand increases, we need to ensure supply does not drop below acceptable levels. We need Nearly 400 new donors a day to meet demand: Around 135,000 new donors a year to replace those who can no longer donate: 40,000 more black donors to meet growing demand for better-matched blood: 30,000 new donors with priority blood types such as O negative every year: More young people to start giving blood so we can make sure we have enough blood in the future. It takes around 7-10 minutes to donate a unit of blood, with the whole appointment likely to be within an hour. In donating blood you can help to save and improve the lives of up to 3 adults or 6 children. To book an appointment, please visit

The late Catherine Mary Heaps RIP: The funeral of the late Catherine Mary Heaps will take place on Monday, 26th July at the Crematorium Chapel, Wilford Hill at 11.00 am.
The late Robert Moran RIP whose funeral rites take place at Wilford Hill Crematorium on Friday, 30th July at 1.00 pm.
The late Veronica Whittaker RIP. Mrs Veronica Whittaker, late of Valley Court, Ribblesdale Road, and more recently of The Acorns Nursing Home. Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Friday, 6th August at 11.00 am prior to committal at Gedling Crematorium Chapel.
The late Eileen Mary Turner RIP (of Calverton) whose funeral Rites will take place at the Good Shepherd Church on Monday, 2nd August at 10.30 am prior to Cremation at Gedling.

Your charitable and valuable prayer for these, our beloved dead will be much valued and appreciated by our Risen Lord in participation of His redemptive work.
Dear parishioners:

PLEASE CONTINUE to offer courtesy to our neighbours when parking cars in the vicinity of the Church. Thanks!

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