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Good Shepherd
Organists of the Good Shepherd Church
We are very fortunate in having four good organists at the church. Our pipe organ is a very attractive instrument to play; all of our organists enjoy playing the instrument and do so on a regular basis at the weekend Masses. They also play for the Funerals and Weddings held in the Church.

Michael Bussey is the curator organist at the Church. He ensures that the organ is properly maintained working with Henry Groves and Sons, our local organ builder and tuning company. He also organises the rota of organists and other musicians and he selects the appropriate liturgical music for the Masses when the organ is used.

Our other organists presently are: Steve Johnson, Robert O'Farrell and Graham Smith.

Robert O'Farrell is also the Director of the Good Shepherd Choir. In addition to rehearsing the choir every week, he selects the music which they are to learn. He also chooses the appropriate music for the services at which they sing. There is more information about the choir under Ministries / Choir.

   The Organ in The Church of the Good Shepherd

   Music for a Wedding Service at the Good Shepherd Church

   Music for a Funeral Service at the Good Shepherd Church

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