of the
Good Shepherd
Cleaning Ministry
Aim of Ministry:
To keep God's House clean, making it indeed a place worthy of worship and prayer.
Description of Ministry:
Parishioners volunteer their services to clean the Church and Narthex, offering their "hands" in a praise worthy manner to Our Lord, contributing to the welfare of the life in the parish.
What is required of members:
Cleaning operatives are required to make themselves available on a regular basis, carrying out their allocated duties in the house of God in a respectful and responsible manner.
How often do meetings take place?
There are no formal meetings. Cleaning takes place once a week on a Monday morning, mainly straight after the celebration of 9.15am Mass. ( this may vary if there is an unexpected Funeral Mass etc, but members need only to stay informed via the weekly parish newsletter.)
At times due to extra demands of activities taking place in church, extra cleaning operatives may be required on a temporary basis. This may be suitable for those who can't attend on a regular basis but would like to contribute when they can, this help is most welcome as well.
Where do the meetings take place?
We all informally gather in the Sacristy post Mass to be allocated duties.
Contact details:
Cheryl Broodryk Email:
3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288