Parish of the
Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe
St Anthony's of Calverton
Parish Evangelization Cells
Aim of Ministry:
Moving the faith forward
Description of Ministry:
  • best way to develop structures for an enpowered Church.
  • It's a model for home & parish life today
  • it's a model used by Jesus
  • it's a model used by the early Church
  • it helps us to keep living our Christian life
  • place for on-going teaching and growth
  • a place to deepen spirituality and prayer
  • a place to engage in the Church mission.
  • welcome "searchers" of the Catholic faith before entering the Church.
  • a "starter experience" before plunging directly into Sunday Mass.
What is required of members:
To try an attend a cell group regularly sharing vocally or contemplatively about your faith in a very friendly and supportive surroundings.
Where do the meetings take place?
In Parish Cell leader homes which you will be personally invited to.
How often do the meetings take place?
Take place twice a month, the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays evenings.
Contact details:
Stuart and Sandra Buck at
Next meeting:
27 November 2013 at 7pm. All welcome.
3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT. Tel: (0115) 926 8288